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Automate quotes, simple ordering, detailed project tracking and price monitoring – all in one easy to use platform

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No More Manual Work and Spreadsheets

Track quotes as you receive them, convert items to Purchase orders and collate invoices received to ensure you are ontop of your suppliers.

Easily track products and search across all your purchasing history, as everything is stored in one easy-to-use platform.

Steady Control of Company Spending

Control spending with custom approval workflows and cost allocation by departments, locations or even users.

Make your purchasing processes transparent with powerful budgeting tools and analytics with real-time reports.

Easy to get up and running

ProcureHQ handles the hard work getting your supplier documents into one central location, simply by connecting your invoice email account. 


Supplier quotes are processed to help your buying process improve. Ensuring you are receiving quotes for all projects increses profitability to ensure your costs are planned. 


Automatically process supplier invoices within seconds, with clear invoice information displayed, you can track project costs all from the invoices you receive. 


A wealth of powerful features & tools 

Quote Request

Request quotes from suppliers and view quotes received from one location

Project Tracker

Assign a project a budget and track all the invoices you receive for this job.

Invoice Management

Choose which invoices are ready for payment and send to your accounting system

Item History

View the purchase history of any item, allowing you to see the price changes over time. 

More Awesome Features

Checkout some of the best features which provide you groundbreaking project management


Simple Quote Comparison

View each quote the supplier has sent for the request project. No more looking through seperate emails.

Organised Invoices

Directly view the invoices your business has recevied. You can search by any product you purchased too. 

Budget Tracking

Projects can be created directly from the invoices, and tracked agaisnt your budget with alerts when you are about to go over.

Pricing Plans

Suited for your business needs


£19.99/ Month

  • Single Email Integration

  • 200 Invoices and Quotes

  • Invoice Management

  • Quote Request

  • Profit + Loss Tracker


£49.99/ Month

  • Multiple Email Accounts

  • 500 Invoices and Quotes

  • Invoice Management

  • Quote Manager

  • Profit Loss Tracker

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