Automated accounts payable software
Out with the old

The Manual Approval Processes

Approving invoices grows with complexity and volume if left unchecked, which is why you need Invoice Automation.

  • Additional staff for accounts payable
  • Inefficient approval processes
  • Uninformed decision making when approving invoices
  • Profit reduces as costs spiral out of control 
In with the new

Automated Approval Process

Automate the collection of invoices to a central platform allowing you to approve invoices with control.

  • View Invoices instantly without processing emails and downloading attachments.
  • Approve invoices with control from one location, on any device. View any invoices for approval and approve with one click.
  • Automatically import the invoice into your accounting software, no need to manually re-enter invoice information.
  • All items purchased are price monitored and detects increases in pricing. Allowing you to have more control over spending.
Automated accounts payable software for construction
Invoice Approval

How Does ProcureHQ Work

Email Integration

ProcureHQ connects with your invoice email account and automatically understands each invoice you receive ready for the platform.

ProcureHQ Platform

In the central invoice platform, you can now view all your unapproved invoices ready for your approval. Invoices with price increases are automatically flagged.

Accounting Software

Once approved, each and every invoice is automatically fed to your accounting system for invoice payment. No need to manually re-enter invoice information.

Convert You Email PDF Invoices Into Accounting Software


hours saved per week in a procurement team

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